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Self-reported circulating supply
1,710,664,455 IP3
Total supply
300,000,000 IP3
Max. supply
21,000,000,000 IP3

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About IP3

Dive into the world of IP3, the heartbeat of CRIPCO's groundbreaking IP-NFT Integration DAO. Here, the IP3 token isn't just another digital asset; it's a game-changer, wearing the hats of both a utility and governance token. Imagine a place where NFTs aren't just digital collectibles but treasures that carry the real essence of their IPs. That's the magic the IP3 token brings to the table. By powering CRIPCO, it opens up a realm of transparent, just, and decentralized governance, inviting everyone from the creative cosmos to pitch in and paint the future of digital artistry together.

At the core of the IP3 token's charm is its pivotal role in the curation saga. It's your golden ticket to having a say in the shaping of CRIPCO's Multiverse. From casting your vote on the next big NFT project to deciding on platform enhancements and directing the treasury towards nurturing the ecosystem – it's all in your hands. Plus, as the go-to currency within the CRIPCO universe, the IP3 token makes buying, selling, and trading NFTs as smooth as silk.

Thanks to the robustness of Ethereum's blockchain, the IP3 token stands as a sturdy, compatible, and scalable pillar for the CRIPCO ecosystem. It's a win-win: creators get to protect and profit from their masterpieces in the vast digital expanse, while collectors and enthusiasts gain a clear, trustworthy path to owning a slice of their most-adored IPs. Bridging the old and new, the IP3 token is your passport to a vibrant world where traditional IP ownership meets the thrilling realm of NFTs.