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Creed Finance is described to be a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, that plans to create integrated DeFi platform which brings various products at present including yield aggregator, lending, DEX (Swap), etc together for the community to easily access various DeFi services and grow their portfolio in one platform. The team supporting Creed finance aims to continue the effort in delivering quality DeFi products to the community.

Creed Finance plans to launch following products in near future: 1. Creed Earn — Stake your LP tokens/provide liquidity to claim Creed token 2. Creed Swap — You can exchange one asset for another with automated market maker. 3. Creed Savings — Lending protocol, you can deposit to earn and borrow from deposited assets using your deposit as collateral to earn more profit 4. Creed Yield — Yield Aggregator with AI tools to minimize risk and maximize profit 5. Creed Governance — The community members of Creed will decide how to run Creed platform

To begin with ultimate goal of providing integrated DeFi platform, Creed Finance plans to launch Creed Earn first. Governance platform will soon be published.