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Self-reported circulating supply
7,000,000 CXGEM
Total supply
Max. supply
10,000,000 CXGEM

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About CoinExGem

CoinExGem is the next leading community-driven project developed on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) to foster the wild adoption of CoinEX Blockchain through an inclusive NFT Metric platform and a lottery pools system. We aim at creating wealth for new CSC adopters and thereby finding the best and accurate market datas on Non Fungible Tokens by new or veteran collectors. We are impressed by the growth of Metaverse and NFTs which are considered as ‘things’ into the metaverse. CoinExGem NFTs metric marketplace; We are developing a platform for NFT collectors, potential buyers, gamers and every blockchain users to find accurate information on prices, owner, issuers and minting numbers, HEx and many more functions related to NFT by combining all metrics available on individual marketplaces such as opensea, rarible etc. We are launching the futuristic NTFs platform to our users community to dive into NFTs and Metaverse without much ado. It's not about trading your cards. You will have real-time statistics and details on trending NFTs with its metrics. Participate in the NFT Governance program that will be settled by NFT based projects on CoinEx Smart Chain to drive more visibility for awareness and earn a share of the prize pool. CoinExGem Game platform; The lottery platform will combine a Provably Fair Game, A liquidity farming program, and more features to be discovered in the long running of the project.

How does it work ?·
Weekly Lottery;
The weekly Lottery pool Game is a provably fair game based on Tickets owned by the players. Players will be required to hold a given amount of CxGem tokens in their wallets before buying Lottery Tickets. It will have diverse pools based on CxGem tokens holding requirements with different reward systems. Your CxGem tokens will determine which pool to enter. Lot-pool 1: Legendary NFTs rewards Lot-pool 2: Slots of CxGem tokens to be rewarded up to $2000 worth of CET Lot-pool 3: Slots of CxGem tokens to be rewarded up to $5000 worth of CET Lot-pool 4: Slots of CxGem tokens to be rewarded up to $10,000 worth of CET. And more to come. How do we ensure more investors?
Furthermore, an automated burning system will be enabled on all transactions. A Steady increase in liquidity mechanism will be set up to keep CxGem tokens charts outstanding. A Gaming platform is our second pledge. Investors put a specific amount of their $CxGem tokens on a coin for either an increase in price or a decrease. Right predictions will earn a specific percentage of the pool according to the wagered amount. More development will be provided in the soonest.