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What is COFFE Multichain (CFF)?

COFFE Multichain is a blockchain built on EOSIO (fork EOS) on the dPOS consensus algorithm, we are developing our own rPoS (random Pruf of Stake) consensus algorithm, which will increase the decentralization of the network and allow everyone to participate in consensus and block release. We hope to move the network to this consensus algorithm in 2022. We have already introduced significant changes to system smart contracts, reducing the importance of resources on the network and setting network transaction fees. This is critical for businesses that need predictable infrastructure costs.

CFF is a utility token designed to pay commissions on the network, staking to create participation in the consensus algorithm, staking to distribute profits from smart contracts.

The CFF token is used for: * Fee for processing intra-network transactions and actions. * Bridging Fee. * Launching block producers on the network via CFF stacking. * Used to profit from DAPPS voluntarily paying part of the profits.

COFFE infrastructure includes: * High-speed blockchain with smart contracts support * Cross-network bridges built on smart contracts * Convenient wallet supporting COFFE infrastructure * Decentralized exchange * Farms for profit * Development tools and examples

How many CFF tokens are in circulation?

COFFE Multichain launched its network on November 6, 2019 with the creation of 1 billion CFF tokens - 5% A total supply of 20 billion tokens will be issued but on November 6, 2034 as a reward to block producers for keeping the network up and running. 100% of on-net fees are burned The current information on the circulation of the token in the network can be viewed in the explorer

Who are the founders of COFFE Multichain?

COFFE Multichain is the development of Chains Core Corporation, founded by programmers Vadim Kantsev, Roman Zykov and Maxim Grevtsev who have extensive programming experience. Now the company employs more than 20 employees, and the company also attracts freelancers.

Where can I buy COFFE Multichain (CFF)?

Currently CFF is trading against USDT on P2PB2B, we are planning to list the token on other exchanges.

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