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Clout is a three-stage crypto on the BSC network. The initial stage involves around 8% in fees (broken down in the tokenomics section) and heavy investment in marketing to build up a sizable community. Once this stage has been reached, transaction costs will be lowered and negotiations will be made with major exchanges to enable farming and liquidity pools in order to avoid high fees. Once this is done, Clout holders can make passive income using their clout tokens by contributing to liquidity pools and receiving money from the transaction fees. This will enable the final stage of Clout, creating the first content decentralization platform on the Binance Smart Chain that allows for Dapps as well as third party content to be fully controlled by Clout holders and to be run by the community. Clout creates value by creating the first peer to peer content sharing network on the Binance Smart Chain, new developers will be able to create fully decentralized dApps that are 100% run by a smart-governance democratized network of token holders. To Clout holders, Clout creates value by allowing users to have a say in what happens, rather than stand by voiceless. This win-win scenario that Clout creates allows for a new generation of actually decentralized fully democratic dApps.