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What is Canopus?

Canopus is a decentralized galactic token with a focus on stability, security, faster transactions, and low fees. Imagine you receive an amount in seconds and with a very low commission. What does it mean? You can buy coffee, food, shop at the mall. The buyer/seller doesn't have to wait for the transaction to be complete as it happens in seconds.

Avalanche is a future ecosystem that is growing fast and Canopus is the bridge that connects you to this future.

Canopus Solution As complex and far-reaching as the aforementioned problems are, the solution to the fundraising problem is quite simple. Canopus will offer the following features:

• Low volatility • Safe Applications • Faster completion • Intuitive design • Less expensive transactions with higher throughput • Ability to move assets between blockchains

While the solution actually looks pretty elegant on paper, it was shackled by the available technology, right up to the Avalanche. Canopus is a decentralized galactic network protocol that will offer token pools and auctions, allowing teams to raise funds for their projects in a permissionless and compliant environment using the Avalanche blockchain. We will allow the creation and ownership of swap pools based on stable and flexible token prices. Our Pools offer projects several advantages over current models, for example:

• Stable price • Predictable results • More informed investors • Reliable and compatible • Fair distribution of tokens • Positive community opinion • In addition to token sale - OTC trading, auctions, whitelisted sales

Conclusion Ultimately, secure, fast and transparent fundraising that empowers the right teams will help move the space forward. Canopus is an investor-focused platform that supports rather than confuses members by offering an environment in which everyone wins. Our culture is built on rewarding innovation and talented teams that deliver real value through rewarding apps and forward-thinking development.