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Bitazza old contract has been updated to a new one.
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Self-reported circulating supply
412,500,000 BTZ
Total supply
3,000,000,000 BTZ
Max. supply
3,000,000,000 BTZ

Bitazza old contract has been updated to a new one.

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About Bitazza

Founded in 2018, Bitazza is a centralized digital asset trading platform that functions as an interconnected trade network composed of related exchanges and brokers with direct integration to local financial institutions and custodian services in multiple countries.

Bitazza is one of the fastest-growing digital asset platforms with more than 600,000 app installs and a monthly trading volume of $600+ million as of January 2022. Bitazza’s mission is to bring digital assets, investment banking, and blockchain-based cashless payments together in one integrated global ecosystem that bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized financial solutions.

The Bitazza Global platform currently offers DeFi investment opportunities, spot trading, yield products, and OTC services. Within April 2022 we will be expanding our features to include derivatives trading, Freedom Wallet, and the Freedom Card.

BTZ is the native utility token fuelling the Bitazza platform with the following features for BTZ token holders, 1) discounts on fee payments on the Bitazza trading platform 2) rewards inside the platform and redemptions on special services 3) staking and earning APY% for locking up BTZ 4) accumulation of BTZ provides holders with greater privileges, benefits, and earning yield rates 5) governance for the Bitazza platform, in the form of voting rights including enhancement, token listings, and more.