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7,000,000,000 BFF

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Better Fan is transforming sports betting by focusing on user empowerment, offering a risk-free experience that promotes responsible gaming and fosters a sense of community among sports fans. Better aims to change the traditional betting system by providing a platform that rewards users for their knowledge of sports without the risk of losing money. Better offers a Predict-to-Earn game for sports betting, which rewards users for making correct predictions based on real sports events. Unlike traditional sports betting platforms, Better Fan is not gambling but rather a web3 predict-and-earn game ecosystem.

Better Fan is a prediction game based on real sports events, re-introducing sports betting to the world as a Web3 Predict-to-Earn game. With Better, users can bet using digital assets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), known as Fan Cards, which determine the amount a user can bet, while the odds they select will determine their total odds.

Better Fan believes they can transform sports betting into a Predict-to-Earn game, rather than gambling and losing money. With Better, users can enjoy the same experience as traditional sports betting without the risk of losing money. If users want to increase their staking amount on their bets, they need to improve the quality of their NFTs by upgrading the Fan Card they hold. Meanwhile, if users want to increase their daily betting limit, they need to increase the number of Fan Card NFTs they possess. At the end of the day, if users' bets are successful, they will earn BTB or BFF tokens, depending on their Fan Cards. Otherwise, they can return and try again the next day when their daily betting limit is renewed.