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The Battle Drones universe is an ecosystem of games built to empower gamers

Developing games at the forefront of web3, we are bringing to life Battle Drones assets on the Solana blockchain.


The Battle Drones brand represents an ecosystem of games that expand upon our rich universe, full of comical characters and detailed environments, utilising all forms of media and storytelling techniques to give players an immersive experience. Developed on the Unity engine, our gaming experience will be extended to all gaming platforms, providing greater accessibility to a more diverse community. Through strategic deployment we aim to push the integration of blockchain technology to the larger gaming audience.

At the heart of the Battle Drones universe are our gaming assets/NFTs known as Battle Drones avatars. Each is customisable, allowing players to personalise and style their drones with unique and limited drone parts while also affecting in-game mechanics meaning gamers have to think about the setup that suits their playstyle best. In this way, you can look at your Battle Drone as:

  • An avatar with in-game utility

  • A collectible with intrinsic trading value

The same way that your full drone avatar can be made tradable, the individual attributes that you customise your Battle Drone with can also be made tradable on the marketplace. This opens up a world of opportunity for collecting your favourite Battle Drones assets with the ability to trade them again in the future.