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Bastille De La BoujeBASTILLE

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"Bastille De La Bouje is the third layer of the Bouje Finance ecosystem bringing a solid APR Reset concept back in, focusing on the safety and sustainability of our users, furthermore having a newly refined Dynamic APR structure to maximise and bring the highest yields to our users. It is a Yield Farming Project aiming to help attract TVL and liquidity onto the Fantom Ecosystem.

The Bouje team is committed to building a safe and supportive ecosystem for investors. Its smart contracts have been audited by Paladin Blockchain Security and its predecessor was KYC-verified by RugDoc as a testament to the long term commitment to the project. Bastille was designed to reward Bouje’s loyal customer base by offering single staking pools with no deposit and withdrawal fees for tokens of previous layers.

Initially farming emissions will be at 0.05/Block, for this round we will be doing Dynamic and elastic emissions basis, raising APRs as necessary when certain criteria are fulfilled and multiple factors along the way."