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Antofy has migrated to new contract address. For official announcement, kindly visit here.
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1,000,000,000 ABN
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27,000,000 ABN
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Antofy has migrated to new contract address. For official announcement, kindly visit here.

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About Antofy

Antofy is a blockchain designed from the ground up to solve the current problems faced by existing blockchains. We have reimagined every aspect of the technology, from tokenomics to consensus, to create a fundamentally new distributed system. This documentation is the only reliable source of the Antofy architecture. We are still polishing the system's nuances, so the documentation is constantly updated and supplemented.

Introduction to the Antofy Platform

The Antofy Platform is a unified infrastructure platform based on technical, traffic, and ecological resources and will be gradually opened to the blockchain industry. It will make the construction of decentralized applications more efficient and cost-effective, and provide comprehensive empowerment in aspects of promotion, traffic, and resources. The Antofy Platform is an EVM compatible blockchain that solves the biggest problem in the Dapp industry. The Antofy Platform will provide global developers with a series of diverse, innovative facilities and services.

Solving market's biggest problem

Decentralized applications (Dapps) running on any blockchain contribute to the biggest use case of the blockchain industry. These Dapps are heavily sabotaged by the traditional blockchain's transaction speed. This really does not let heavy Dapps like gaming, metaverse, NFTs, etc. function to their full potential. The traditional blockchain simply can not provide the transaction speed that they need. That is the reason why these types of Dapps can decide to move away from blockchain altogether and adopt a centralised web application approach. Our blockchain solves this problem by having a high TPS capacity using the mighty POA consensus mechanism. Apart from this, our blockchain also heavily emphasizes the security of the network through the network of the validators responsible for confirming the transactions. The speed and security will create huge advantages for the Dapps, so they can carry on their innovative development in the blockchain ecosystem.