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Current State: 420x coin is the first crypto project that has the potential of becoming a mainstream brand, payment solution and cultural movement. We believe in merging both pop culture and cryptocurrency to create merchandise that can be purchased with our native token 420x. We believe that one day we will be a household name that has multiple outlets that accept 420x. We have already partnered up with popular grime artist Ard Adz and plan on changing the perception of cryptocurrency in pop culture.

Requested FutureState: The mission of 420x is to raise awareness on a local and global scale through education, non-profit organizations, branding, and most importantly, the community. Our goal is to partner with non-profits, businesses, influencers, and celebrities that share our vision and passion for cannabis. We believe that in strategic partnering and proper branding, 420x will become a household name in the fight for cannabis freedom!