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The Fabled

What is The Fabled? An action RPG where you use your Fabled character to fight your way through a series of worlds, earn rewards, and trade NFTs. Built in Unreal Engine 5 and powered by Xenum, The Fabled takes advantage of state of the art technology in the blockchain and gaming space.

Arena Events allow players to compete on a global leaderboard where the top players earn prizes.

What is $ABYS? ABYS-(Abyss Fragments) are the blockchain based reward tokens used for in-game transactions. They are also used to access the Arena Events.

Who are the developers behind The Fabled?

The Fabled has been in development since 2019 by Octavian Studios. Using industry standard game development software Octavian Studios is able to produce high quality graphics and gameplay mechanics. The team behind Octavian Studios is made up of multiple artists and developers from across the AAA industry.