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What Is Legion Network Token (LGX)?

LGX powers Legion Network which is the first super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry in one Mobile Super App. Legion Network aims to revolutionize the vast crypto space by offering a variety of services ranging from a non-custodial Crypto Wallet, NFTs, Play to Earn, Watch To Earn, Launchpad, Rewards, and more.

Legion network aims to empower commercial users, business owners, and creators around the World by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that connects them with everything they could possibly need and ultimately helping them unleash their potential using cutting-edge technologies. Interacting with the world of crypto and Web3 can often prove complicated, tideous, and unreliable. Legion Network provides a solution to this by assembling the best that crypto and Web3 have to offer in one secure, efficient, and reliable space at the click of a button. Subsequently, users can learn, earn, and become more as a result of the increasing accessible revenue opportunities within the Super-App. LGX is at the forefront of this revolution and is set to transform the way we interact with Crypto and Web3.

Legion Network also introduces new categories of NFT buyers into the Global NFT Economics via Bluemoon. Bluemoon is the first collaborative NFT marketplace with an integrated social metaverse. The platform is tailored to creators, and businesses alike; providing the infrastructure for them to build their own custom metaverse spaces. Users can bring their NFTs to life with a click of a button and create immersive experiences with their audiences within the metaverse. With Bluemoon, NFT trading will see new horizons of innovation.

LGX is the native utility token use cases:

・Accessing premium courses in Empower. ・Accessing tournaments in Arcadia. ・Accessing to submit proposals for upcoming games on Arcadia. ・Getting whitelisted for early-stage projects on the Legion Launchpad. ・Getting whitelisted for projects on NFT Drops. ・Users will need LGX to gain extra BOLTS within the app. ・LGX will be the primary form of access for Bluemoon features - Land sale - Payment method in the Bluemoon Metaverse - Payment method in the Bluemoon Marketplace ・Buyback & burn a % from external revenue in Legion Network. - Revenue from Arcadia In-App purchases - Mobile Ad Revenue - Legion Launchpad listing fee - NFT Drops listing fee - Bluemoon Marketplace fee (buy, sell, rent, swap, competition listing) - Land sale ・ In-App Crypto purchases. ・ Early un-staking fee in the app.

Find out more here: https://legion-network.gitbook.io/introduction/