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О Legion Network

Personalized User Profiles: Legion Network enables users to create personalized profiles, which act as their digital identity within the ecosystem. Users can display their staking ranks, showcase their NFT collections, and manage their crypto portfolios. This feature is designed to enhance community engagement and social interaction within the platform.

Secure Self-Custodial Wallet: The Legion Wallet supports over 15,000 tokens across multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. It emphasizes user security by offering self-custody of assets, facilitating on-chain and cross-chain transactions, and integrating seamlessly with the platform's decentralized exchange for effortless trading and staking.

Play and Earn: Legion Network’s gaming hub, Arcadia, offers users the chance to engage in various games, enhancing their gaming experience with the potential to earn through play. This platform catifies popular gaming genres, providing daily challenges and multiplayer options to earn Bolts, the platform's native digital currency.

Watch and Earn: Through its Empower Academy, Legion Network offers CPD-certified blockchain courses, providing users with the opportunity to learn about blockchain technology and its applications. This educational platform awards users with points and certifications, furthering their professional development in the blockchain space.

Weekly Tasks and Rewards: The platform encourages regular engagement by offering daily and weekly tasks that reward users with Bolts. These tasks are designed to keep the community active, ensuring users regularly interact with various features of the Super App.

Bolt Earnings: Bolts serve as a versatile tool within the ecosystem, allowing users to unlock a range of in-app benefits such as access to exclusive content, entry into special events, and the acquisition of digital goods in the app’s marketplace.

Legion Raffles: Legion Network hosts regular raffles, providing users the chance to win prizes ranging from NFTs to additional Bolts. These raffles are designed to offer continuous excitement and reward community involvement.

Referral Program: The referral system incentivizes current users to invite new members, offering Bolts as rewards for each verified new user. This system helps grow the Legion Network community, further expanding the reach and impact of the platform.