Криптовалюты:  7,564Рынки:  31,843Рыночная капитализация:  $402,719,911,783Объем за 24ч:  $88,273,408,354Доминирование BTC:  63.7%
Рыночная капитализация:  $402,719,911,783Объем за 24ч:  $88,273,408,354Доминирование BTC:  63.7%Криптовалюты:  7,564Рынки:  31,843


$0.012247 USD (26.97%)
0.00000088 BTC (21.31%)
0.00003149 ETH (22.90%)
азартная игра
Earn Crypto
  • Рыночная капитализация
    $4,774,663,362 USD
    344,590 BTC
    12,277,364 ETH
  • Объем (за 24ч)
    $20,821,635 USD
    1,503 BTC
    53,540 ETH
  • Циркулирующее предложение
    389,866,309,576 HEX
  • Общее предложение
    391,908,194,003 HEX


Designed and launched by Richard Heart on 2 December 2019, HEX describes itself as a Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain.

HEX is an ERC20 token launched on the Ethereum network. HEX is designed to be a store of value to replace the Certificate of Deposit as the blockchain counterpart of that financial product used in traditional financial markets. HEX is also designed to leverage off the emerging DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem in cryptocurrencies within the Ethereum network.

HEX uses the Ethereum network for the transaction layer (sending and receiving HEX tokens, as well as interacting with the HEX smart contract), whilst the consensus code and staking mechanism is contained in the HEX smart contract.

HEX allows a user to stake his or her HEX coins for a share of the new HEX coin issuance, or inflation and contains features designed to incentivize behaviors that encourage price appreciation and disincentivize behaviors that encourage harm to the price. The HEX smart contract penalizes stakers for ending their stake early and rewards them for staking larger amounts of HEX for longer periods.

HEX is distributed to Bitcoin holders by way of a snapshot of the Bitcoin UTXO set that occurred on 2 December 2019 at block height 606227. The distribution of HEX to Bitcoin holders is 10,000 HEX per 1 BTC. Bitcoin holders are able to claim HEX only during the first year of launch. During this period, HEX is also obtained in exchange for ETH through interacting with the HEX smart contract.

At the end of the first year of launch, all HEX coins that were not claimed by Bitcoin holders are distributed to the rest of the HEX users who have stakes that are active. The maximum possible annual inflation of HEX is designed to be 3.69% after the first year of launch.

Цена HEX

Цена HEX$0.012247 USD
Рентабельность инвестиций в HEX
Рыночный ранг#201
Рыночная капитализация$4,774,663,362 USD
Объем за 24 часа$20,821,635 USD
Циркулирующее предложение389,866,309,576 HEX
Общее предложение391,908,194,003 HEX
Максимальное предложениеНет данных
Максимум за все время
$0.013134 USD
(Oct 31, 2020)
Минимум за все время
$0.000015 USD
(Dec 22, 2019)
Максимум/минимум за 52 недели
$0.013134 USD /
$0.000015 USD
Максимум/минимум за 90 дней
$0.013134 USD /
$0.002090 USD
Максимум/минимум за 30 дней
$0.013134 USD /
$0.003559 USD
Максимум/минимум за 7 дней
$0.013134 USD /
$0.006864 USD
Максимум/минимум за 24 часа
$0.013134 USD /
$0.009562 USD
Вчерашний максимум/минимум
$0.011601 USD /
$0.008882 USD
Вчерашняя цена открытия/закрытия
$0.009369 USD /
$0.011399 USD
Вчерашнее изменение$0.002030 USD (21.67%)
Вчерашний объем$15,392,183 USD
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