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0.00001228 BTC15.31%

0.0001918 ETH15.31%

KEEP  Keep Network KEEPPrice: R$2.46 15.31%
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Valor Total Bloqueado (TVL)
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529,631,627.87 KEEP
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KEEP Preço em Tempo Real

O preço de agora de Keep Network de hoje é de R$2.46 BRL com um volume de negociação em 24 horas de R$39,469,981 BRL. Keep Network subiu 15.31% nas últimas 24 horas. A classificação atual na CoinMarketCap é de #232, com uma capitalização de mercado de R$1,303,231,179 BRL. Há um fornecimento em circulação de 529,631,628 KEEP moedas e um máximo. fornecimento máximo de 1,000,000,000 KEEP moedas

As principais corretoras para negociação de Keep Network atualmente são HitBTC, Kraken, Hoo, Bilaxy, e . Você pode encontrar outras listagens em nossa .

What Is the Keep Network (KEEP)?

Keep is an incentivized network for storing and encrypting private data on the public blockchain. The network is made of off-chain containers for private data known as keeps, while the KEEP work token enables it to be completely permissionless. Keep solves the main problem holding back blockchain adoption: that data on public blockchains are public. With Keep, developers can finally build fully decentralized apps. Visit Keep to learn more and stake, and tBTC to see its power in action.

tBTC, a Bitcoin bridge on Ethereum, is the first application built on top of the Keep network. It is an open-source project supported by groups including Keep, Summa and the Cross-Chain Group. tBTC is a fully Bitcoin-backed ERC-20 token pegged to the price of Bitcoin. It facilitates Bitcoin holders acting on the Ethereum blockchain, accessing the DeFi ecosystem, and earning with their Bitcoin.

KEEP is the network’s native work token with dividends and a slashing model. It provides the sybil resistance that allows the Keep network to be censorship resistant and permissionless.

KEEP can be used to:

  • Secure the Keep Network and tBTC via staking
  • Run the random beacon and ECDSA nodes on the network
  • Run tBTC, similar to running a full node. KEEP stakers can play an even larger role as tBTC signers by bonding ETH.
  • Earn fees for providing work on the network

KEEP applications and tools include:

  • Keep Random Beacon
  • tBTC - a decentralized Bitcoin bridge on Ethereum
  • Keep Token Dashboard
    • an interface to manage and stake your KEEP
  • Keep Stats
    • high level summary of Keep and tBTC network stats
  • All the Keeps
    • a tool to monitor all tBTC deposits on the Keep network

How Many KEEP Coins Are There in Circulation?

The Keep Network launched its mainnet on April 27th, 2020 with 1 billion KEEP tokens created. KEEP tokens are a fixed supply asset, there will never be more than 1 billion KEEP in existence.

About the Keep Team

The Keep Network was founded in 2017 by Matt Luongo and Corbin Pon, crypto industry veterans who previously founded the Bitcoin rewards app Fold.

The Keep Network’s early supporting stakers include Polychain, Andreessen Horowitz, Draper Associates, Paradigm, Fenbushi, A.Capital, Collaborative Fund, and ParaFi among others.

The Keep project employs more than 20 staff, including engineers with deep experience in discrete mathematics and cryptography, and business leadership from ConsenSys’s founding days.

What Makes Keep Unique?

When it comes to dApps and DeFi projects...the team shouldn’t have the keys. The Keep Network features off-chain containers for private data called keeps that give smart contracts deep interactivity with private data without compromising transparency or auditability.

tBTC, the first application built on the Keep Network, is censorship-resistant because it uses keeps to store data. Each TBTC token is fully backed and matched by at least 1 BTC held in reserve. tBTC is trustless, using Keep’s random beacon to select “signers” who are bonded in ETH and have responsibility for the deposited BTC. This means you can convert TBTC to BTC, and vice-versa, whenever you want, with no intermediary needed to sign off.

Where Can I Get Keep (KEEP)?

You can earn KEEP by staking on the network today, and joining our ETH only stakedrop launching soon. You can also earn by participating in Playing for Keeps, which lets people learn to stake and win KEEP by contributing to the community. In order to qualify your submission for Playing for Keeps prizes, you must join our [Discord server](. Join the server to learn more about staking on the network today and participating in the public stakedrop soon.

KEEP is also available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available.

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KEEP Estatísticas de Preços

Keep Network Preço Hoje
Preço de Keep NetworkR$2.46
Alternância de Preço24hR$0.3658
Baixas nas 24h / Altas nas 24h
R$2.06 /
Volume de Trading24hR$39,487,755.75
Volume / Capitalização de Mercado0.03029
Dominância no Mercado0.02%
Ranking no mercado#232
Valor Total Bloqueado (TVL)R$988,088,900
Keep Network Capitalização de Mercado
Cap. de MercadoR$1,303,818,057.36
Capitalização de Mercado Totalmente DiluídaR$2,461,745,086.10
Keep Network Preço Ontem
Mínima / Máxima de Ontem
R$2.02 /
Abertura / Fechamento de ontem
R$2.03 /
Mudança de ontem


Volume de ontemR$37,346,258.53
Keep Network Histórico de preços
Mínima / Máxima de 7 dias
R$1.32 /
Mínima / Máxima de 30 dias
R$1.06 /
Mínima / Máxima de 90 dias
R$1.06 /
Mínima / Máxima de 52 Semanas
R$0.9016 /
Valor mais alto
May 22, 2020 (a year ago)
Valor mais baixo
Nov 17, 2020 (7 months ago)
ROI de Keep Network


Keep Network Fornecem
Fornecimento Circulante529,631,628 KEEP
Fornecimento Total999,848,781 KEEP
Fornecimento Máximo1,000,000,000 KEEP