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Sep 24, 2023 (4 days ago)
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What Is MetaGods (MGOD)?

MetaGods is a play-to-earn, massively multiplayer, action-adventure RPG (or MMORPG) built on a blockchain where users can trade and play with generative NFTs. The premise of the game is to defeat mythical monsters, explore dungeons, fight powerful creatures, and clash with deities, all while earning NFTs.

Characters in MetaGods are an NFT designed by an alliance of mortals, demigods, and titans. More specifically, they are created by combining bloodlines: mortals with gods, or gods with other gods.

Avatars in the game can be customized, and the player can access rare ones with unique abilities. MetaGods relies on a rich storyline and fast-paced gameplay. Сharacters unite and engage in battle with bosses in dungeons, progressively gaining the status of a god.

The creators of the game were inspired by mythology, borrowing prototypes from Greek, Roman and Scandinavian mythological tales. MetaGods is an 8-bit game, in which the universe and characters are pixelated. This stylistic detail was specifically chosen to convey the retro style of the game.

While fighting bosses and gaining experience points, gamers get the opportunity to earn real money by exchanging virtual items for tokens. Plus, players can earn additional rewards by referring friends and users from other Metaverses.

MetaGods is powered by a dual token system for stable platform growth, where MGOD is a governance token, as well ass a pass token for special events / tournaments, and RELIC is the in-game currency.

Who Are the Founders of MetaGods?

MetaGods (MGOD) is a blockchain-based game, which was officially presented to a wide audience in Q4 2021. A number of famous game studios are involved in the establishment of the project, and the list of investors includes GameFi Aggregator, Hashed, DAO Maker, Icetea Labs, Magnus Capital, Boxmining, Faculty Capital, CinchBlock, MrBeast,, Banter Capital, and Pomp Investments. Moreover, Nintendo, Playstation, Animoca Brands and Activation contributed to the creation of the game.

Developed by a semi-anonymous team, MetaGods skilfully combines game design with decentralized finance. You can get better acquainted with the tech and philosophy of the project by reading their Whitepaper.

What Makes MetaGods Unique?

MetaGods is an action RPG powered by the GameFi platform. GameFi projects are fueled by a blockchain network and aim to entertain players while also providing opportunities for monetary gain. The MetaGods GameFi model allows token placement through the user interface, thereby maximizing revenue. Users can earn in-game RELIC tokens to level up NFT characters, buy more powerful weapons or obtain legendary loot.

MetaGods features casual and hardcore game modes. In the first case, ordinary players explore the universe and farm, using the principles of play-to-earn. In the second case, NFT permadeath appears in the hardcore mode with higher APY and legendary loot rates. Hardcore mode raises the stakes; players can earn rarer and more valuable items, but for this they have to risk their best characters.

How does MetaGods work:

Players fight in epic PVP battles, or team up and raid dungeons. There are two PVP & PVE game modes and two choices: either fight each other, or confront the gods of the MetaGods world.

Multiplayer raids are a solid source of rewards, especially if dungeons have high APYs. In this case, players can take possession of high-level loot - armor and weapons resistant to magic.

The more experienced a player, the higher his level and the higher the earnings on the platform. The ultimate mission is to become the god of the metaverse, which can be achieved by customizing your NFT character and constantly leveling up.

Thus, let's list the unique features of the game:

Generative Art NFTs in a game. Each NFT character is endowed with randomly generated characteristics and equipment (weapons + armor). Community NFTs are player avatars, PFPs, and in-game characters as well.

Action RPG built on the blockchain & Cross-chain gameplay. MetaGods is based on blockchain technology with an in-game token economy. The game was launched on Binance Smart Chain ([BSC](, but the developers are considering integration with other popular blockchains like [Solana](

Multiple game modes. MetaGods has two main game modes: Casual mode (Atlantis) and Hardcore mode (Zion) and the developers plan build more game modes in the future.

Staking / Farming Play-to-Earn in casual mode. In casual mode, users stake into the pool to earn RELIC tokens, but this mode has fewer rewards and takes longer to level up.

NFT permadeath in Hardcore mode has higher APY and legendary loot. In hardcore mode, users take risks. There are legendary loot and amazing upgrades, however, if gamers drop out, they can no longer return to this game mode.

Social GameFi element. To earn more APY, players team up with other characters - mortals and demigods. Users can invite friends and gamers from other metaverses, which is encouraged by the world of MetaGods.