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LASSO 라이브 가격 데이터

Crypto-owned and fan-controlled teams, starting with the English Football League and expanding rapidly! Allow the fans to control EVERYTHING about a team…roster, trades, jersey updates, sponsorship decisions, stadium rights, etc.

Crowdfunding/”Lasso-ing” together the funds to disrupt the outdated model where your favorite sports team is owned by a billionaire who cares more about profits than the fans.

The English Football League is our first target because it has so much potential! More than 50% of all English Football League teams are for sale, because the pandemic has significantly impacted clubs’ revenue. Clubs that were selling for $30 million in 2019 are now selling for under $10 million. Lassocoin will "lasso" the funds together to buy one, develop it into the best team in the league, and let our holders control every decision.

After the English Football League, we're coming for all major sports leagues!!

Stop cheering for sports teams...own and control them! Join now!