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FLICK 価格の生配信データ

What is Flickto?

Launched on 01/11/2021 by a team based in the United Kingdom, Flickto is a Media Project Launchpad that aims to provide enable content creators from diverse backgrounds access to project funding and production support.

FLICK is the Utility Token of Flickto. It is used for:

  • Voting on media projects seeking funding that list on the Flickto platform
  • Registering for NFT airdrops related to the projects launching via the Flickto platform
  • Confirming eligibility to receive a share of the distribution royalties on offer from successfully funded projects
  • Staking, to earn additional FLICK or ADA tokens

How many FLICK Tokens are there in Circulation?

The Flickto project launched on 01/11/2021, and the FLICK Token was minted on 19/10/2021 on the Cardano blockchain (https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/8b10edb66270c292e7a6b4f0c21e679a17131beb24f60938c87ac5dd5173473c?tab=tokenmint). FLICK has a 5 Billion total supply. Of the total supply, 60% of the FLICK token is allocated to Public Distribution, with 40% of FLICK allocated to the Flickto Initial Stake Pool Offering, and 20% allocated to Sales & IDO 15% is allocated to the Team, their Advisors and Strategic Partners 10% is allocated to Marketing & Operations 15% is allocated to exchange Liquidity & Treasury

The FLICK token is a Timelocked Cardano Native Token with PolicyID df0172804f8418afc4e5b0a15b8fc78bdc3ca6d179405a7cd194f3b4. This means that no additional FLICK can be minted. There is no burning mechanism in place.

Token supply is controlled via token vesting schedules.

Who are the Founders of Flickto?

Flickto was founded by Rob Knight & Theo Bailey. Rob has extensive experience as a Chief Technology Officer, and comes from a distributed systems engineering & Open Source Software background. He has a proven record of building out development teams. He most recently was a CTO at SUSE, one of the worlds largest open source software companies. Theo runs a series of media production support companies. Through his networking while on active production sites, he identified that there are many content creators out there that are locked out of traditional funding models. Large media conglomerates control who and what enters the wider media landscape, and he saw a community benefit in democratising media financing.

Outside of the founding members, Tajah Stevens (Kam) has been a film director for many years, specialising in productions focusing on stories of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

They are joined by 8 additional core team members, and partners from both the media and crypto space.

Where can I buy Flickto tokens (FLICK)?

Flickto has recently completed their Private Sale, and is due to IDO on the KICK.IO Cardano Launchpad before the end of 2021. After the IDO, FLICK will support trading on select Cardano Decentralised Exchanges once they have been launched.