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Offerta circolante
26,109,579 PROPC
Offerta totale
84,917,777 PROPC
Offerta massima
100,000,000 PROPC
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Mar 28, 2024 (2 months ago)
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May 22, 2023 (a year ago)
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Nelle watchlist28,844x
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Notizie su Propchain


Informazioni su Propchain

  • Propchain is a Luxembourg-based organization that specializes in the tokenization of real estate assets, with subsidiaries in Lithuania and Dubai that facilitate it's operations. Propchain enables users to invest in fractionalized real estate strategies and assets.

  • All assets and strategies available on the platform are managed by Propchain and its professional partners, with the aim of achieving an average return between 8-12% in yearly ROI. Propchain’s investment platform is fully regulatory compliant and undergoes investment related audits by Ernst & Young Luxembourg.

  • The regulatory framework is established and upheld by CMS Luxembourg, while domiciliation services are executed by Opportunity Financial Services Luxembourg. Propchain has sold over 1M EUR in tokenized assets, has over 250 active users, and is currently boarding close to 7000 users on its waitlist. Token sales have been successfully concluded, with over $4M raised to date. Currently, Propchain is preparing for its scale-up phase and first equity round, which will take place after a successful IDO of its native utility token.

  • Propchain is also in the exploration phase for foreign licensing and Propchain works with several regulated custodian and fiat-related services such as Fiatrepublic. In addition, Propchain is currently in the private MVP stage, which will transition to a public MVP by the end of the quarter, along with the launch of the mobile investment application.

  • The company’s strategic approach to tokenizing real estate assets, combined with its regulatory compliance, professional management, and partnerships, make it an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking stable and attractive returns.