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3,523,987,072 PZM
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3,513,987,072 PZM
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6,000,000,000 PZM
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Massimo storico
Aug 30, 2017 (6 years ago)
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Aug 01, 2022 (a year ago)
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Notizie su PRIZM


Informazioni su PRIZM

What is Prizm?

Prizm is a fully decentralized, self-regulated, peer-to-peer blockchain network with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

Built on Java v.8, open source and limited edition.

A new implementation of the concept of cryptocurrency in its purest form, allowing any user to easily, quickly and securely store, as well as make transfers in Prizm.

Prizm is a convenient alternative to international payment systems, with the ability to receive new coins.

Prizm is not a security, which is confirmed by the legal opinion of the US and EU countries.

How does Prizm work?

How to mine PRIZM?

What is PRIZM used for?

Forging is the creation of new blocks in the blockchain based on the confirmation of ownership, with the possibility of receiving remuneration in the form of commission fees, as well as enrollment in Paramining.

* Paratax is the process of slowing down the rate at which new coins are generated. It has a linear increase in complexity, expressed as a percentage of the already mined emission.