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Volume/Capitalizzazione di mercato (24h)
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1,298,529,523 KOM
Offerta totale
2,000,000,000 KOM
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Dec 03, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Oct 12, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Nelle watchlist222,867x
278th / 10.0K
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Notizie su Kommunitas


Informazioni su Kommunitas

Kommunitas (https://kommunitas.net/) is a true decentralized and tierless launchpad with Revenue Sharing Model.

There are 4 points that will make us lead the launchpad industry:

  1. Tierless. Arent you tired of having NOT enough token to participate in launchpad allocation? In Kommunitas, any amount of KOM token will be calculated for allocation.

  2. Transparent. Sick of launchpad with lottery system and not transparent? We praise our transparent way of calculating guaranteed allocation. Read more. (https://medium.com/@kommunitas/kommunitas-reinforces-its-commitment-to-transparency-in-the-web3-space-c2ac871d0c37)

  3. Revenue-Sharing Model. We share our revenue in stable (USDT) to 2 types of partners :

  4. Kommunitas Private Partners: For users who staked at least 500,000 $KOM tokens. These partners receive 30% of non-refundable fees from First-Come, First-Served (FCFS) and Community round IKOs , distributed every Quarter, thats why its called Quarterly Revenue Sharing. Read more. (https://earn.kommunitas.net/quarterly-revenue-sharing)

  5. Kommunitas Millionaire Partners: For those who staked more than 10,000,000 $KOM tokens. These partners enjoy a share of 5% from our Monthly launchpad revenues. Read more. (https://earn.kommunitas.net/monthly-millionaire-partners-sharing)

  6. Deflationary Token. From 40Billion to 2Billion total supply, a 95% reduction, showed our commitment to the KOMmunity. We also introduced the very first Social Engagement Burning where we burn our token based on social metrics and provide full reports every months. Not only that, a 50% Prematurity Withdrawal penalty (in KOM) will be burned Automatically when a user unstake his KOM token before each maturity date, this way ensuring a healthy circulating supply in the market.