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À propos de myDID

myDid is a Swiss-based company that enables its users to take back control over their digital lives, through the management of multiple Decentralized Identities (DIDs), sovereignly created, owned and run by them.

myDid has developed a Decentralized Application that allows users manage their personal data, by creating a Decentralized Identity, collecting open badges and verifiable credentials, presenting them on-demand through the form of Verifiable Attestations and revoking them when needed. Private data is stored locally and are cryptographically secured. Users are in full control of their credentials, and do not rely on any third party to protect their integrity.

myDid is fully compatible with the W3C specs for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and implements the latest Verifiable Credentials and Open Badge standards. myDID has developed its own DID method (Secured Digital Identity - SDI) and resolver architecture, offering the best state of the art on the matter.

By using myDid, users take full control over their personal information and can choose to share, hide or revoke access to it, while keeping a record of all consents and shared data.