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À propos de Telos

Telos is A Highly Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem built for mainstream adoption

Launched in late 2018 by a collective of over 100 visionaries, Telos has been steadfast in its journey towards widespread adoption through advancements in usability, scalability and a more recent focus area of data protection. The foundation’s novel work on Zero Knowledge (ZK) proof technology puts the network on a course towards massive scalability and robust data protection required for real world adoption.

Home to the World’s Fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine:

Telos’ most popular platform TelosEVM offers ethereum compatibility with an unprecedented performance of over 15,200 transactions per second. The platform offers more than 100,000 solidity developers the framework to build for real world scale and affordability.

There are 3 platforms in the Telos ecosystem:

TelosEVM:An exceptional L1 with performance of 15,200 transactions per second (TPS). TelosZero: Breakthrough C++ consensus layer performance achieving over 50,000 TPS. Telos ZKEVM: The upcoming L2 solution powering the K2-18 gaming platform (Performance TBA)

Telos platform performance has been independently verified by Baylor University. Learn more.

Key Features of Telos:

No Front Running: Adheres to a first in, first out processing making it compliant with the needs of global exchanges like NASDAQ/NYSE.

Advanced Governance: Features on-chain amendment voting and foundation elections.

Regulatory Clarity: Launched without an ICO, ensuring a fair start and lowered regulatory risk.

Secure Bridge: Utilizes Layer Zero for enhanced security.

Cost-Effective: Transaction fees start at less than $0.01.

Reliability: Maintains a remarkable record of 100% uptime over five years.

Telos Foundation

The Telos Foundation is bolstered by experts from leading institutions in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 sectors, including SpaceX, ServiceNow, IOHK (Cardano), Consensys, Decentraland, and Polygon.

The TLOS Token: The Ultra Active Asset

TLOS, the native token of Telos, is at the heart of its network's utility. It is essential for transactions, governance, and liquidity.

In a move towards becoming a deflationary asset, the community initiated monthly burns of gas fees in December 2023.