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What is Synthetify protocol?

Synthetify protocol enables creation, exchange and burn of synthetic assets based on prices provided by a decentralized system of oracles. On Synthetify exchange trading is executed against the public debt pool that allows for almost infinite liquidity and zero slippage even during big trades. Participants of the debt pool earn pro rata exchange fees for acting as counterparties during trades. Debt pool participants need to constantly hold sufficient collateral in Synthetify tokens (SNY) to ensure platform stability.

What is Synthetify token used for?

Synthetify (SNY) is anticipated to hold the following utility: Collateral for creation of synthetic assets on Synthetify. Discount for performing swaps on Synthetify. In the future SNY will represent vote in governance decisions.

How many SNY will be distributed?

The initial distribution of SNY is presents as follows:

  • Team 20%*
  • Company Reserve 20%
  • IEO/IDO/Auction 24%
  • Liquidity Mining 10%
  • Exchange Liquidity 10%
  • Private Sale 5%*
  • Family Sale 1%*
  • Dynamic reserves 10%

Total supply: 100,000,000

*Team, Family and Private Sale tokens are subject to 4 years lockup program. 10% of tokens in unlocked immediately rest is vested on block by block basis. In future Synthetify will introduce perpetual inflation

Who Are the Founders of Synthetify?

Synthetify is built by a group of experienced blockchain developers to deliver safe and reliable blockchains systems. The company’s CEO and founder is Norbert Bodziony. We launched the project in 2020 in Poland and created a company, Synthetify Labs, in April, 2021. The Synthetify team participated in both Solana hackathons gaining 3rd place on the first one and 2nd place on the second Hackathon in 2021. Our primary focus is always on our product and user experience

Where Can I Buy SNY?

We plan to be available for trading on a number of exchanges in near future.