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Mar 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Jun 10, 2023 (9 hours ago)
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Accommodation booking service with cashback in the form of TERZ tokens. Travel to Earn project. The value of the token is provided by the profit of the service. The more bookings the service receives, the higher the price of the token will be. Main backer - LLC Shelter company owns a hotel chain and is an issuer of bonds. What problem are we solving? The global problem — how to get your money back, worries each of us. You get astronomical sums if you calculate how much money a person spends in his life. The purpose of creating this service is to solve the problem of money refunds for accommodation/travel, which is not a tiny part of everyone’s budget… Existing booking services often offer users cashback from 10 to 30%, but no one was able to offer a full refund. Imagine how great it would be if, after a vacation, for example, just in a few months, you would get back the money you spent and you could fly next time for free. Or if you went on a business trip, your employer would reimburse your expenses, and the service would compensate you, too. Double benefit) Also, if you rent an apartment, pay rent for a month, and suddenly you have more and more months for free. Sounds fantastic?! But SHELTERZ knows how to solve this problem. How does it work? The company’s profit is generated from the commissions it receives from hotels for each booking. At the end of the day, a total profit is formed, which is divided into a cash pool and a crypto pool — together, we call them a smart pool. The crypto pool is filled by buying TERZ tokens from the exchange with money coming from business. The cash pool and the crypto pool must balance each other in terms of valuation. Following the growth of service profits, the size of pools grows, and the price of a token grows. At the same time, the smart pool targets the price of the token following profit growth — that is, it increases the token’s price through transactions at higher prices until the increase in the token’s price equals the increase in profit. Thus, the smart pool is the primary tool that creates the value of a token. What this looks like from the outside: Conventional booking services, to replicate this, have to give all their profits back to their users. Still, they’re used to taking it for themselves since they have nothing else. On the other hand, we share our profit with users, getting business capitalization through token price growth in return. The booking/accommodation service is in the range of necessary and is renewable service. The transparency of the service is confirmed by the need to use a token to accrue cashback to users, smart pool transactions will be verifiable via blockchain, and the company’s profits will be verifiable via official reporting. Perspective: An obvious competitive advantage will contribute to the recruitment of users and hotels. At the initial stage, the low base effect will contribute to high revenue and token price growth rates. We plan to expand the ecosystem to other areas of business. We will add NFT to unique elements of the ecosystem — a travel meta-universe is in the queue for implementation.


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