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Loser Coin / TRY fiyat grafiği

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Piyasa değeri 
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Dolaşımdaki arz 
60,296,840,158.16 LOWB
Toplam arz 
60,296,840,158.16 LOWB
Maks. arz 
100,000,000,000 LOWB
Tam seyreltilmiş piyasa değeri 
LOWB / TRY fiyat dönüştürücü
Fiyat performansı
Tüm zamanların zirvesi
May 11, 2021 (2 years ago)
Tüm zamanların en düşüğü
Nov 25, 2022 (6 months ago)
İzleme listesinde10,617x
1998th / 10.3K
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What Is Loser Coin ($LOWB)?

Losercoin (ticker symbol: $LOWB) is a project initiated by two poor guys from China, one is a father of two kids from a village, the other one is a programmer living a miserable life by working 60 hours a week. Two founders first heard about Bitcoin in 2017 and had lost a ton of money by trading cryptocurrencies. They started this project as an open journey and were fully prepared to lose everything. The two founders have added their whole life savings into the liquidity pool. It is guaranteed that the project team will not pump the price of $LOWB due to lack of capital.

What is the goal of Loser Coin?

What Makes Loser Coin ($LOWB) Unique?

How Many Loser (LOWB) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Where Can You Buy Loser Coin (LOWB)?

Unpopular Project Description

LOWB NFT market: You can enter the LOWB NFT-Market https://www.losernft.org to purchase your favorite LoserPunk in auctions using $LOWB.

PlayToEarn Games: Loser Coin developed 2 games recently, where you can earn $Lowb just by playing the Losergames (LoserPoker and Loserland). The project team is working tirelessly to develop Lowbcraft, a promising multi-player game inspired by Minecraft.

LoserBridge: LoserBridge is a cross-chain bridge that allows exchange of crypto assets (e.g., fungible/non fungible tokens, stablecoins) between Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Chain and OKEx Chain. Loser Bridge UI is accessible at https://www.loserbridge.org




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