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3,000,000,000 SHRAP
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3,000,000,000 SHRAP
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Dec 06, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Nov 09, 2023 (3 months ago)
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811th / 8.9K

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О Shrapnel

What Is Shrapnel?

SHRAPNEL is a first-person extraction shooter where you'll fight as a MEF (Mercenary Extraction Force) Operator. The gameplay is competitive and intense. In 2038 an asteroid collided with the moon, and years later meteorites rain down on earth repeatedly: dangerous yet valuable. Your mission is to collect this mysterious meteorite substance, survive in military combat, and get out alive. The progression system provides long-term goals and rewards for your Operator character. It’s the ultimate high-stakes treasure hunt.

Who Are the Founders of Shrapnel?

The SHRAPNEL team is comprised of industry experts from AAA games and blockchain projects. We are designers, producers, artists, and programmers working at the nexus of games, television, movies, and graphic novels. Collectively, we’ve produced some of the biggest game franchises in the world (Bioshock, Ghost of Tsushima, Halo Remastered, Red Faction Guerilla, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more). The team leadership has won Emmys and BAFTAs for their previous work, and SHRAPNEL has already won six industry awards so far.