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Representing the new-generation centralized exchange token, COKE is the platform token of BitCoke Exchange, the reward token of CokeDex, and the governance token of CokeDao. COKE is launched in January 2022, and issued as an ERC-20 token. The maximum supply is 1 billion, and the initial circulation is about 23 million. No inflation, BitCoke implements a burning mechanism with 33% fees to buy back.

Much of COKE tokens are allocated to CokeDex's developments and growth. CokeDex is a Dex derivative platform developed by BitCoke. CokeDex project will apply 49% COKE tokens to incentivize trading and reward market-makers.

BitCoke established CokeDao, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), to connect BitCoke supporters, including KOL, trading groups, institutions, media, etc. A significant portion of COKE is allocated to CokeDao with the aim to reward BitCoke users & community, pay marketing and operation fees.

COKE holders are entitled to a variety of privileges on BitCoke Exchange such as commission discount, higher yield for cloud mining products, direct access to fixed-income products, and launchpad IEO. These benefits, along with fees buyback, will organically boost COKE price in the long run.