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kr 193,332,980
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kr 9,983,297
Volum/markedsverdi (24 timer)
Sirkulerende forsyning
653,868,075 SOLAMA
Total forsyning
676,584,793 SOLAMA
Maks. forsyning
676,584,793 SOLAMA
Fullt fortynnet markedsverdi
kr 200,049,764
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24 t 
Høyeste noensinne
Mar 08, 2024 (2 months ago)
Laveste noensinne
Jan 12, 2024 (4 months ago)
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I overvåkningslister34,481x
999th / 10.0K
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Nyheter om Solama


Om Solama

SOLAMA emerges as a distinctive presence within the ever-expanding meme coin ecosystem, finding its footing on the SOLANA blockchain. Operating under the tagline of the "Official 'Unofficial' Solana Mascot," SOLAMA draws inspiration from the success of Shiba Inu on the Ethereum network, introducing a refreshing and playful twist to the world of meme coins.

Positioned as a rising star, SOLAMA has captured the attention of the crypto community with its lama-themed charm. In a manner reminiscent of Shiba Inu's impact, SOLAMA seeks to bring a sense of humor and levity to the often serious and technical space of blockchain. By combining crypto with amusement, SOLAMA endeavors to create an engaging and whimsical environment for its growing community on the SOLANA blockchain.

The choice of SOLANA as the underlying blockchain for SOLAMA is deliberate, taking advantage of SOLANA's efficiency and scalability. Users engaging with SOLAMA can benefit from a seamless and cost-effective experience, aligning with the project's commitment to user accessibility and satisfaction.

It's crucial to approach SOLAMA with a balanced perspective, recognizing the inherent risks associated with meme coins and speculative assets. The project encourages potential investors to conduct thorough research, exercise due diligence, and approach investments responsibly. SOLAMA's transparent approach aims to provide the community with clear insights into its features, utility, and ongoing community initiatives.

While embracing its playful nature, SOLAMA is committed to positioning itself as the next significant meme coin sensation on the SOLANA blockchain. The project envisions a vibrant community that shares an interest in the convergence of cryptocurrency and humor. SOLAMA's unique narrative, coupled with its lama-themed charm, seeks to resonate with users looking for an alternative and entertaining experience within the broader crypto landscape.

As users explore the potential of SOLAMA, it's essential to bear in mind the speculative nature of meme coins. Responsible investment practices, awareness of risks, and staying informed about the project's developments are emphasized by SOLAMA. The project remains dedicated to transparency, fostering a community that appreciates the fusion of crypto and humor, and embracing the journey towards establishing itself as a notable meme coin on the SOLANA blockchain.

In conclusion, SOLAMA represents a playful and unique addition to the meme coin universe, operating on the SOLANA blockchain. With its lama-themed charm and commitment to humor, SOLAMA aspires to capture the imagination of the crypto community and emerge as a significant player in the evolving landscape of meme coins. As users navigate the space of meme coins, a cautious and informed approach is encouraged to navigate the inherent risks associated with such speculative assets.