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Screehavin is a public sidechain for independent game developers that applies a new digital asset paradigm to traditional gaming. Founded by industry veterans who operated commercial gaming platforms for a decade, the project applies blockchain to common pain points and inefficiencies in the game publishing business model. The company behind it, ChainVerse, brings together a network of 750 independent developers, 50 million registered users, and four million e-wallet accounts to build a dedicated gaming network that is poised for the digital asset revolution.

Growth in gaming, and digital content in general, over the last decade reflects the increasing importance of digital economies covering not only digital products, but also in-game virtual goods. What was once compartmentalized—gaming, information gathering, communication, multimedia consumption—is increasingly integrated, immersive, and commercial. As we devote more time, effort, and resources to our digital lives, Screehavin supports this by enabling:

  • The evolution of digital asset ownership from a transient relationship to an enduring one;

  • A more participatory arrangement for game and content creation; and

  • An underlying model for helping small developers compete more effectively with industry incumbents by unifying disparate indie game economies.

The project aims to close the gap between developers and players, creating network value that is more than a sum of the parts where small, independent studios have a fighting chance.