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Naviern is a Web 3 Navigation & Ride-Share app Built on the Binance Smart Chain Network that aims to revolutionize the way people navigate and earn cryptocurrency.

Unlike other navigation apps, Naviern allows users to earn passively by simply using the app to navigate to their desired destination by gamifying the everyday Navigational experience.

By using Naviern, users can earn its rewards token through multiple modes of transportation, including walking, public transport, and driving. Each mode has its own ecosystem with different rewards calculations.

The Fact that over 77% of smartphone owners use navigation apps, & given that in 2022 there are 6.5 billion smartphone users, which is around 80% of the world's population, this shows the user potential for Naviern as a Web 3 Decentralized app.

That is a huge number of users even more than gaming which was estimated to have 3.2 billion users in 2022. On top of this people not only use Navigation apps while driving, but also for non- driving directions such as public transportation, walking or cycling also.

Furthermore Conventional Navigation apps sell user data to third parties, hence Naviern which is a decentralized Navigation app can also be a great option for users who want their trip data to remain private. Naviern users will be encouraged to interact with their community and we aim for users to live a fitter & active lifestyle overall, with daily challenges and overall game progress being shown for each user in the awards center section of the app.

Naviern also allows users to warn others upon the road conditions and users can be warned of any roadblocks, road constructions, and traffic on the road for further user utility, further engaging the community to act upon situations to help other peers save time.

Additionally upon Registration, Naviern app will ask users to set a minimum of 2 up to 4 emergency contacts which can be notified in the event that any unfortunate accidents or emergency occurs, which the app can be able to determine through the movement of the user through their GPS movements or their unresponsiveness towards the app prompts that are sent by the app upon detecting sudden stops.

In addition to its Navigate 2 Earn feature, Naviern also offers a range of other features that make it a valuable tool for anyone looking for a reliable navigation or rideshare app. For example, the app includes an in-app self custodial wallet, preferably integrating Trust Wallet API in our app.

Naviern also has a rideshare feature that allows users to offer or find rides with others in their community. By enabling the rideshare feature in the app settings, users can see the location of other Naviern app users offering these services in real time on the map, making it easy to find or offer a ride.

This feature can be especially useful for those looking for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to travel, meanwhile being fully decentralized. Additionally, users can earn NVRN OR NST through the rideshare feature by offering rides to others. This adds another layer of earning potential for Naviern users.

Another unique aspect of Naviern is its focus on sustainability. The app rewards users who use electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles with higher earnings, in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions Naviern will also plant 1 tree per user. This is just a few examples of how Naviern is looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Overall, Naviern is a game-changing navigation app that offers users a wide range of features and focuses on sustainability. As Naviern aims to change the navigation industry for the better.