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MOSOLID pris sanntidsdata

moSOLID is a tokenized, liquid representation of veSOLID -- Solidly base-layer's veNFT.

Longer Description:

A tokenized version of veSOLID, moSOLID, is returned to the user at a 1:1 rate. MONOLITH automatically converts rebased SOLID into moSOLID proportional to the users staked amount. If a user deposits SOLID into MONOLITH, that SOLID is locked into the MONOLITH veNFT as veSOLID, in exchange-- the user receives proportional moSOLID. moSOLID can be staked into the platform to receive a basket of rewards from the protocol's fees. Rather than staking moSOLID, users can also choose to contribute to the Solidly liquidity pool moSOLID/wETH.