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What Is Parrot Defi?

Parrot DeFi is a decentralized yield farming and NFTs multi-chain platform running on Matic, IoTeX, Arbitrum and Harmony. 1PEGG (Harmony Parrot Egg) is the native token, and it is the core foundation of Parrot Defi on Harmony protocol.

1PEGG utility token is used for:

  • Governance through Snapshot DAO
  • Farming and Staking rewards
  • DEX Fees deduction
  • NFTs acquisition.

Parrot Defi on Harmony will feature:

  • Liquidity Pools for liquidity mining.
  • Single Staking Pools to earn 1PEGG rewards.
  • Multi-reward Vaults for earning different tokens.
  • Incubator, a highly efficient burning mechanism for layered farming.
  • NFTs.

How Many 1PEGG are in Circulation?

Who Is the Team of Parrot Defi?