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Optimal Shelf Availability Token Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA)

0.000800 USD (1.17%)
0.00000010 BTC (1.66%)
0.00000440 ETH (0.98%)

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1,112,146 USD
134 BTC
6,119 ETH
3,661 USD
0.44 BTC
20.14 ETH
유통 공급량
1,389,796,615 OSA
총 공급량
2,256,642,170 OSA
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Optimal Shelf Availability Token 시장

# 소스 거래량(24시간) 가격 거래량(%) 카테고리 수수료 유형 업데이트
1 CoinEgg OSA/ETH $1,913 $0.000818 52.25% Spot Percentage 최근
2 Bibox OSA/ETH $1,124 $0.000787 30.71% Spot Percentage 최근
3 CoinEgg OSA/BTC $462 $0.000780 12.61% Spot Percentage 최근
4 Bibox OSA/BTC $138 $0.000747 3.78% Spot Percentage 최근
5 Bibox OSA/USDT $24 $0.000704 0.65% Spot Percentage 최근

Optimal Shelf Availability Token 소셜 미디어 피드

Optimal Shelf Availability Token 도구

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FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS measures User Activity, Developer Behavior and Asset Maturity.

Find out more about FCAS | Request Historical FCAS data via CSV

기본 암호 화폐 자산 점수


Optimal Shelf Availability Token 정보

Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA) is a decentralized, AI-driven blockchain platform that collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers and open sources purportedly in real-time. The token serves a tri-fold purpose as the network's fuel, a payment method, and reward for users of the platform. According to OSA marketing materials, consumers will enrich OSA's AI data model by providing relevant product information and purchase decision tree, and in turn, the AI will analyze this data so that manufacturers and retailers may effectively cooperate to optimize their own business strategies.

Optimal Shelf Availability Token 통계
Optimal Shelf Availability Token 가격 0.000800 USD
Optimal Shelf Availability Token ROI -98.97%
시가 순위 #856
시가총액 1,112,146 USD
24시간 거래량 3,661 USD
유통 공급량 1,389,796,615 OSA
총 공급량 2,256,642,170 OSA
최대 공급량 데이터 없음
전체 최고 0.167959 USD
(2018. 11. 09.)
전체 최저 0.000717 USD
(2019. 10. 05.)
52주 최고/최저 0.163192 USD /
0.000717 USD
90일 최고 /최저 0.001596 USD /
0.000717 USD
30일 최고/최저 0.001094 USD /
0.000717 USD
7일 최고/최저 0.000884 USD /
0.000718 USD
24시간 최고/최저 0.000813 USD /
0.000761 USD
어제 최고/최저 0.000813 USD /
0.000761 USD
어제 시작가/종가 0.000783 USD /
0.000809 USD
어제 변화 $0.000025 USD (+3.25%)
어제 거래량 $3,741 USD

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