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OKFLY 라이브 가격 데이터

Okex Fly is Large-scale online game NFT ecosystem based on OKEx chain. Through the exploration of blockchain + NFT + games, the OKFly team realized the next tuyere of the game industry, and had a deep thinking and rock climbing about the development trend of the industry.The OKFly group believes that, if there are platforms to provide tool engines more systematically, help these enterprises in the game industry land, and combine NFT mode with games, they can create higher value for these game industry participants and users.And since the game is one of the earliest and largest blockchain applications, the OKFly team takes the needs of developers and users in the industry as the starting point of the initial version of the project.Therefore, under the leadership of the OKFly DAO(community), —— Okex Fly, a large online game NFT ecosystem based on Okex chain, was born.