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BOG  Bogged Finance BOGPrice: ₩6,975.61 5.07%
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BOG 라이브 가격 데이터

오늘의 Bogged Finance 실시간 가격₩6,975.61 KRW이며 24시간 거래량은 ₩1,018,481,751 KRW입니다. Bogged Finance은(는) 지난 24시간 동안 5.07 상승했습니다. 현재 코인마켓캡 순위는 #2670위이며, 실시가총액은 이용할 수 없음입니다. 순환 공급량을 이용할 수 없습니다. 및 최대 공급량은 2,500,000 BOG코인입니다.

What Is Bogged Finance (BOG)?

Bogged Finance is a token which runs code each time it is executed for various use-cases, including real-time and historical decentralised oracles on Binance Smart Chain.

BOG is the utility token that is used for:

  • Processing the Bogdabots that are deployed to the network.
  • Buying and Deploying Bogdabots to the network.
  • Used for governance votes to the constitution of the network.

How Many BOG Coins Are There in Circulation?

BOG launched with 2,500,000 coins with a deflationary model to begin with, to discourage swing trading. The launch was a fair IDO with 50 BNB and all 2,500,000 BOG locked in Pancakeswap for 6 months.

What are bodgabots?

Bogdabots are individual contracts deployed on BSC that connect to hooks built into the Bogged Transaction System, allowing code to be executed as transactions are made with $BOG.

As $BOG transaction volume increases the Bogdabot contracts will get closer and closer to running on the blockchain 24/7 - BOG is unique in that it is the first seen implementation of this, partially due to the low gas fees allowed by BSC.

What are the bogdabots that are deploying?

The first product is BogCharts which will be targeted towards developers of brand new coins who are not able to use any centralised services for price charting.

This will take the form of a deployable On-Chain Bogdabot Oracle to monitor the price of their token, paired with a UI package for charting the oracle data that they are able to self-host on their token website.

These deployable oracles will cost an ongoing $BOG fee to use, depending on price accumulation period and other factors. This fee will be fed back into the BOG ecosystem as rewards for holders/stakers.

Why the meme?

The ARG encourages the users of BOG to make more transactions, which enable the Bogdabots to process data and update their oracles, and perform the tasks they've been allocated.

Where Can I Buy BOGGED (BOG)

BOG can be purchased on Pancakeswap



Bogged Finance



South Korean Won

BOG 가격 통계

Bogged Finance 오늘 가격
Bogged Finance 가격₩6,975.61
가격 변동24h₩336.31
24시 최저가 / 24시 최고가
₩6,678.35 /
Volume / Market Cap데이터 없음
시장 지배데이터 없음
시가 순위#2670
Bogged Finance 시가 총액
시가총액데이터 없음
완전 희석된 시가 ₩17,439,019,850.22
Bogged Finance 어제 가격
어제의 최저가 / 최고가
₩6,163.31 /
어제 시작가/종가
₩6,222.11 /
어제 변화


어제 거래량₩1,012,548,479.67
Bogged Finance 가격 내역
7일 최저가 / 7일 최고가
₩5,804.25 /
30일 최저가 / 30일 최고가
₩2,058.50 /
90일 최저가 / 90일 최고가
₩877.66 /
52주 최저가 / 52주 최고가
₩877.66 /
전체 최고
Mar 20, 2021 (23 days ago)
전체 최저
Mar 08, 2021 (a month ago)
Bogged Finance ROI
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Bogged Finance 공급
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총 공급량데이터 없음
최대 공급량2,500,000 BOG