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Dec 28, 2021 (a year ago)
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Jun 05, 2023 (21 hours ago)
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What Is All.Art Protocol (AART)?

The All.Art protocol was launched in Q1 2021 with the aim of developing solutions to a number of existing problems within the NFT market. All.Art strives to provide ongoing liquidity to the NFT marketplace by introducing an AMM (Automatic Market Maker) liquidity pool, updating NFT standards, improving functionality and adding built-in licensing rights called NFT-PRO.

With the help of the NFT-PRO standard, artists can customize licensing rights for their artworks by embedding them into NFT-PRO smart contracts, ensuring a secure transaction for both artists and collectors. At the same time, the All.Art protocol establishes additional options for art ownership, exhibition and trade on the blockchain. The solutions offered by All.Art simplify the buying and selling processes for users, while removing some legal obstacles.

The project is deployed on the Solana blockchain, which provides the following advantages: fast and cheap transactions running on L1, scalability, low energy consumption and upgradable smart contracts.

The company's mission is to offer the community a proper approach to the sale and licensing of non-fungible tokens, and to launch an infrastructure that will ensure rights management and constant liquidity of NFTs. The goal is to provide collectors and investors with the opportunity to create, use and trade works of art, leveraging the maximum potential of blockchain technology and NFT standards.

All.Art uses its native AART token for transactions and powering the network.

Who Are the Founders of All.Art Protocol?

The creation of the All.Art protocol dates back to 2017. The idea of ​​integrating blockchain-based art trading into virtual exhibitions belongs to Vitomir Jevremovic - CEO of VR-All-Art.

VR-All-Art is a marketplace for artists, galleries, museums to exhibit, explore and acquire art through virtual exposition. The platform revolutionizes art spaces, opening up new possibilities for artists that are no longer limited by the physical boundaries and frameworks of time and space.

Thus, the All.Art protocol is the next stage in the growth of VR-All-Art, having evolved with the addition of blockchain technology.

From May 15 to June 7, VR-All-Art team participated at the Solana seasonal hackathon, where they developed the All-Art protocol and were able to build a community around the project. The All.Art protocol is currently running on testnet. You can follow the progress of the project by joining the All-Art community on Twitter or Telegram.

What Makes All.Art Protocol Unique?

The All.Art protocol introduces two key features: Automated Market Makers (AMM) for NFTs, and tiered licensing for NFT art.

NFT-PRO is an artistic NFT standard designed to embed licensing rights into tokens. There are several types of licensing rights, each of which contains different information on associated legal rights. NFT-PRO introduces NFT transaction licensing, allowing collectors to purchase various licenses for the same NFT. The purpose of the NFT-PRO standard is to protect artists / collectors and, as a result, form liquid NFT trading.

NFT-PRO defines licensing rights for each NFT, and due to the standard, investors can remain aware of what they are purchasing.

The standard is broken into three levels:

Level 1 is the basic data layer for NFT, consististing of metadata. All relevant data is stored on-chain. The level is mandatory.

Level 2 is an optional licensing level that contains the terms and conditions for each license. NFT creators can add licensing terms.

Level 3 is an optional transaction level that captures cAMM pool interactions and other mechanics. At this level, the market for the NFT is formed.

Decentralized NFT Swap Pools or Capped Automated Market Maker (cAMM) Pools are designed to increase NFT liquidity.

How it works: an artist creates an NFT with 150 LORTs. The All.Art protocol generates cAMM and NFT license ownership right tokens (LORT, for short). Thus, the creator receives 50 LORTs, and 100 LORTs are sent for storage in cAMM. Each pool has a limited number of LORTs, a factor which guarantees that artists get paid.

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How Many All.Art Protocol (AART) Coins Are There in Circulation?

AART is a native cryptographically secured token of the All.Art protocol, which is used as collateral in cAMM. The AART token acts as fuel and powers the entire ecosystem.

The main purpose of AART is to provide liquidity in cAMM pools. With AART, investors and collectors can purchase NFTs on the platform. As for AART, the token can be bought on the open market and then exchanged for creator tokens from the creator pools.

AART is a non-refundable functional utility token that acts as a means of exchange between process participants / protocol users. When an NFT is purchased via AART, users receive License Ownership Rights Tokens (LORT). Artists can swap their LORTs into the cAMM liquidity pool in exchange for the AARTs. In addition, LORTs are provided with the same unit of exchange, which makes for an efficient system of trade.

How Is the All.Art Protocol Network Secured?

Blockchain technology is immutable; this nuance complicates the protection of copyrights, trademarks and other types of intellectual property rights. Thus, the developers of All.Art set a goal to solve this issue through the verification standard - NFT-PRO. Developers aim to ensure that trade security and intellectual property protection are applicable to the entire ecosystem of applications and markets.

All.Art is a Solana-based NFT protocol, and the reliability of the Solana blockchain is achieved through a combination of proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms. PoH is the main component and is responsible for the majority of processed transactions (recording successful transactions), while PoS is a monitoring tool for PoH processes that verifies the sequence of generated blocks.

Where Can You Buy All.Art Protocol (AART)?

In late December 2021, All.Art protocol (AART) became available on cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide and has reached an ATH of $0.05 since its drop.

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