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What Is Nano Dogecoin (INDC)?

INDC is a community driven charity token with built in rewards (USDT) and community events designed to save dogs worldwide while also providing investors with more than just the warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting a worthy cause.

INDC holders receive pegged USDT rewards on the BEP20 network (Binance Smart Chain). Through INDC's very own innovative dashboard, (available on INDC’s website) holders are able to stake their tokens and receive interest on a revolutionary flexible staking pool with rewards of INDC, BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE and more to come. Not only that, but also receive compounded interest combined with the USDT rewards they continuously receive, helping build serious wealth for holders.

Currently, holders can use the INDC dashboard to view in real time their USDT earnings from the rewards function and the estimated future earnings depending on current daily trading volume. Along with earning passive income for simply holding INDC, all holders also have access to INDC's ReferX system to earn even more. ReferX is a referral program where user's earn 5% USDT rewards on every transaction made via their unique Referral Link.

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