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58,969,774 NCT
58,969,774 NCT

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What Is Name Change Token (NCT)?

NCT is the base asset of the Hashmasks project, which allows holders to change their masks’ names and store them on the Ethereum blockchain with public visibility. Interestingly, the uniqueness of the name adds weight to a mask’s rarity.

NCT was launched together with the Hashmasks project in January 2021. Hashmask holders can claim tokens as they accumulate daily.

The naming rules dictate that a name must be unique, contain only numbers, letters, or both, have a maximum of 25 characters including spaces, be case insensitive, and have no trailing spaces. Moreover, once a name is changed, it becomes available for use.

Who Are the Founders of Name Change Token?

What Makes Name Change Token Unique?

How Many Name Change Token (NCT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the Name Change Token Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy Name Change Token (NCT)?

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