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52,094,273 IBFN
723,579,098 IBFN
1,000,000,000 IBFN

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IBF Netについて

Launched in August 2023 by a global team based in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Dubai, IBF Net introduces the IBFN token as a fundamental component of its metaverse ecosystem. The IBFN token serves as the native currency, facilitating seamless transactions and enabling users to acquire virtual assets and engage in various activities within the metaverse environment.

IBF Net's metaverse is characterized by the integration of advanced technologies such as Web3, Blockchain, and AI. This integration creates a dynamic and immersive environment for users, allowing them to explore, interact, and participate in a wide range of experiences.

Beyond the metaverse, the IBFN token also plays a pivotal role in powering multiple blockchain platforms with a focus on charitable initiatives, volunteering programs, an NFT marketplace, and e-learning services. These platforms leverage the IBFN token to enable transparent and efficient transactions, supporting various social and educational endeavors.

IBF Net, with its IBFN token, offers a versatile ecosystem that extends beyond the metaverse, encompassing diverse applications that align with its mission of promoting social good and innovation through blockchain technology. The project seeks to provide users with meaningful experiences and opportunities for engagement in both virtual and real-world contexts.