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ATLO 価格の生配信データ

Atlo is a decentralized launchpad on Terra where the community decides which projects they want to launch. This is done through governance voting on proposals from prospective launchers using the $ATLO token. Atlo promotes community participation and collaboration by incentivising and rewarding active participants with allocations into projects launched on Atlo. This creates a community who benefits from collaboration rather than competition.

Allocations in launches are earned through the Atlo Rating, a ranking system that scores all participants based on 5 key metrics. There are no tiers or lotteries. Allocations are earned. These metrics measure participation and behavior within Atlo’s platform and will in time include their investor behavior within the greater Terra ecosystem. The Atlo Rating incentivises behavior that contributes to the system’s success as a whole, so the better you’re doing as an individual, the more you’re contributing to the entire platform (and everyone benefits from your effort).

Atlo includes validators, inspired by the Cosmos chain’s governance structures. Validators are delegated authority to review and evaluate project proposals before they go to governance and provide a recommendation to the community. The community gives or takes power away from the Validators by delegating $ATLO to them. Validators serve as both a first line of defense against poor quality or malicious projects, while advising protocol teams on how to improve their propositions. While anyone can apply to become a validator, the community decides which have authority. This creates a highly engaged and motivated community incentivised to invest long term in quality projects, making for an extremely appealing launchpad for prospective projects.