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23,302,124 VINCI
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23,300,556 VINCI
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90,000,000 VINCI

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$VINCI is the HRC-20 governance and utility token for DaVinci Gallery. Below we will deep dive into a few highlights of how $VINCI redefines NFTs for the world and rewards active participation in all aspects of Harmony NFTs and deFi.

We centered the core of the $VINCI experience around three pillars Community Driven — A fair launch. No pre-sale, seed rounds, or early allocations to investors Inclusivity — Launching on all major Harmony DEX promoting competition Long term Sustainability — Promoting responsible farming, and provided needed capital to further development

You can add $VINCI to your wallet using the following info ChainId: 1666600000 Address: “0xb8e0497018c991e86311b64efd9d57b06aedbbae” Symbol: “VINCI” Name: “DaVinci Token” Decimals: 18 What makes $VINCI different then other yield farming tokens?

$VINCI is first and foremost the utility token of the daVinci.Gallery marketplace. This token was designed to provide artists, and collectors with a unique way to buy, sell, and invest in NFTs. We believe embracing the benefits of deFi and harnessing the incredible speed and efficiency of Harmony allow for a game-changer in the NFT space. A few examples Artists can earn $VINCI and then choose to increase their rewards through farming Collectors can earn $VINCI from artwork bought and sold and use rewards to farm and earn a yield Traditional deFi users can now leverage the growing NFT ecosystem on Harmony (8 Million ONE in sales since March across all Harmony NFT apps) Real Utility, Right Now

The $VINCI token is unique in another way, we have genuine applications on chain, ready to put $VINCI to use on day one! This is THE most important aspect of any token, on any chain. Having actual use cases, and being able to encourage healthy circulation allows for rapid expansion and growth of the DaVinci Gallery platform.