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Shiba the Mystical Witch of Hogwartinu is one of the youngest witches to be accepted into Inutokoro School of Magic. She’s crushing all of older classmates and is on track to finish her sorcery exams years before them. Her jealous friends try to thwart her efforts at every turn. Shiba who becomes disillusioned befriends Fran, the “Stardust Witch,” who accepts her and her talents. Together, Fran helps Shiba become the Ashen Witch, but they must work together against the dark forces that are always trying to pull them down.

Fast Witches and Furious Pumpkins

It's a Flappy Birds style game but far more addicting and with witches, ghosts, ghouls and jack-o-lanterns. Fly through each level and collect coins, going on mini-adventures while avoiding being taken down. Turn your coins into SHIBAWITCH tokens while discovering secret NFTs that you can earn and swap out on our marketplace.

Candy Rain

It's raining candy, hallelujah. Tall, blonde, dark and lean. Rough and tough and strong and mean. Hallelujah it's raining candy. Catch as many as you can and earn your place on the leaderboard. Cach the most and win prizes including SHIBA WITCH tokens


SHIBA WITCH is a single player mobile game with only 8,000 randomly generated NFT characters minted initially with custom features, that fly throughout levels to earn their spot as “baddest witch on the planet”.

High scoring players earn SHIBAWITCH tokens, which can be redeemed for different SHIBA WITCHES.

In version 2, major upgrades to the game include multiplayer mode, with breeding, staking and tournaments planned.