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The Avalanche ecosystem is exploding, but until now it still lacks a dominant StableSwap with deep liquidity. In light of the current ecosystem gap, Platypus has invented an open, single-sided StableSwap which offers three critically important benefits: Lower Slippage, Higher Scalability, Better User Experience

As Avalanche DeFi OG, we are tired of seeing yet another Ethereum fork to launch here again and again. Hence, we want to do something truly different. Now, we are innovating, challenging the status quo from all the Ethereum conglomerates and their forks on Avalanche.

StableSwap are important not only for pegged assets, but also to solve the fragmented liquidity problem due to the existence of multiple bridges. It is also the building block for enabling more synthetic assets and algo stablecoins. We believe that Platypus’ unique design will make us a more compelling StableSwap DEX than our competitors.

Step by step, we are redefining DeFi. We are running as fast as we can to become the dominant StableSwap on Avalanche. Single-sided StableSwap is just the beginning of our journey, more to reveal when they are ready! All we can say is — if it is not fun and innovative, ngmi.


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