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À propos de PDX Coin

PDX Coin anchors a global payments and digital banking platform that will allow hundreds of millions of retail users, institutions, merchants, and ecosystem partners to participate easily in the crypto economy with instant conversions between digital and fiat currencies. Through the upcoming virtual banking services and payment apps, all major crypto assets supported by the platform will become instantly liquid, and available across tens of millions of locations and online sites around the world. PDX plans to also introduce a regulated platform to trade digital shares of most publicly held companies, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Although PDX’s primary objective is to capitalize on its crypto payment and virtual banking capabilities in the conventional world, we are building our technology and product base in anticipation of a fully functioning and heavily populated metaverse in the near future. The project aims to provide all of its banking and defi products and functions in the metaverse, in addition to being a leader in retail and commercial payments. Consequently, this applies to as many types of compliant DeFi products and services as possible across as many legal jurisdictions as possible.

PDX will invest in and form long-term partnerships, joint ventures and alliances with content developers in the fields of sports, gambling, gaming, and other entertainment. A goal of this project is to be involved in the creation of popular metaverse destinations that are serviced exclusively by our payments and financial platforms. Content creation will also be a significant component of our soon to be announced Siberia blockchain protocol.