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Hush Hush (HUSH)

0.051977 USD (1.82%)
0.00000511 BTC (-1.03%)

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Cap. Marché
293,237 USD
29 BTC
Volume (24h)
571 USD
0.06 BTC
Offre en Circulation
5,641,700 HUSH
Offre Max
21,000,000 HUSH
Chargement données depuis le serveur...

Hush Marchés

# Source Paire Volume (24h) Prix Volume (%) Catégorie Type de frais Mise à jour
1 Graviex HUSH/BTC $568 $0.051992 99.36% Spot Percentage Récemment
2 Trade Satoshi HUSH/BTC $2 $0.050965 0.40% Spot Percentage Récemment
3 Trade Satoshi HUSH/DOGE $1 $0.047031 0.24% Spot Percentage Récemment
4 Altilly HUSH/BTC $0 $0.101727 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment

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À propos de Hush

Hush aims to allow users to speak and transact freely. It describes itself as a private cryptocurrency and messenger on Zero Knowledge Proof Encryption. Hush is an implementation of the Zerocash protocol, offering privacy-preserving confidentiality of transaction metadata. Hush's codebase is based on Komodo and Zcash 2.0.x. According to the team, the latest version of Hush with Komodo Delayed Proof-of-Work (dPOW) provides security from 51% /double spend attacks. Hush is reportedly one of the first blockchains to enforce only Sapling transactions from the beginning.

More information can be found at https://myhush.org/.

Statistiques de Hush
Prix de Hush 0.051977 USD
RSI de Hush +90.52%
Rang sur le marché #1244
Cap. Marché 293,237 USD
Volume sur 24 H 571 USD
Offre en Circulation 5,641,700 HUSH
Offre Totale 5,641,700 HUSH
Offre Max 21,000,000 HUSH
Le plus haut 26.70 USD
(07 janv. 2018)
Le plus bas 0.004793 USD
(13 janv. 2017)
Bas / Haut sur 52 semaines 0.509924 USD /
0.020083 USD
Bas / Haut sur 90 jours 0.137357 USD /
0.020083 USD
Bas / Haut sur 30 jours 0.082971 USD /
0.022551 USD
Bas / Haut sur 7 jours 0.082971 USD /
0.046228 USD
Bas / Haut sur 24 heures 0.059234 USD /
0.050114 USD
Bas / Haut hier 0.055014 USD /
0.050114 USD
Ouverture / Fermeture d'hier 0.052298 USD /
0.052141 USD
Change d'hier $-0.000156 USD (-0.30%)
Volume d'hier $413 USD

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