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About Black Friday Doge (TOKEN: BLACKFRIDAY)

Every day is Black Friday (Single’s Day) or Amazing savings day with Black Friday Doge and our Black Friday App. Avoid the lines, the rush and enjoy daily savings.

Black Friday Doge Token is a community driven deflationary defi token built on the BSC. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, Burn, and Buy Back, which are allocated into a total of 11% fee on all transactions. 6% is rewarded to long-term holders in BUSD. 1% is burned and removed from circulation. 4% is used to promote and repurchase tokens as needed.

Our mission is to build an ecosystem to bridge the gap between ecommerce stores and cryptocurrencies by being the standard token for shopping.


Black Friday Doge’s 11% fee on all transactions is split into 3 buckets.

Reflection 6% is rewarded to long-term holders in BUSD Burn 1% is removed from circulation to increase everyone’s value Marketing 4% is used to promote and repurchase tokens as needed

Black Friday Doge App

Earn and shop with confidence with the Black Friday savings app. We are a destination portal which facilitates cross-border transactions with a user-friendly interface for international participants based on cryptocurrency and fiat.

Black Friday Doge app is meant to be used as a bridge to use our native token to buy any products or services around the world at low cost.

Our Marketplace will be a hub where users can buy, sell, and trade every day items using BLACKFRIDAY token with plans integrate other tokens in the future.