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What Is Menzy(MNZ)?

Menzy is introducing a unique Move2Earn body movement count system for earning passive income in the form of MNZ Tokens. Menzy has developed a unique AI algorithmic system that detects any sort of activity or sport happening with the help of your mobile camera or a camera enabled device. The system visually detects the activity being performed. The software has the ability to identify the pose of an individual and the Menzy platform rewards the user for performing successful movements.

MNZ is the native utility token that is used for:

-Walking/Running and earning with Menzy step -Participate in Menzy’s compete2earn and play with your friends. Tournaments and different missions/challenges included. Sports such as shadow boxing, jumping , squats , pushups etc. -Solo Camera enabled movement rewards with Menzy move. -Earning with various activities such as yoga,boxing,skipping,squats etc with Menzy Move. -Peer to Peer virtual tranings with the Menzy metaverse from professional Atheletes all over the globe

Menzy ecosystem includes:

  • Menzy Move is the AI Driven Computer Vision algorithm which is designed to give $MNZ tokens on pre-installed sport movements like football dribbling, jumprope, boxing, yoga etc. This can be extensively done in compete to earn opening a whole new social experience.

  • Menzy Step is the simplest form of MovetoEarn . However, with Menzy Step you do not need to own expensive NFT's or even share your earnings on a rental basis. Menzy Step runs in the background and rewards you passively in MNZ.

  • Menzyverse is the integration of Menzy within the metaverse for sports activities while also P2P virtual trainings, which allows Menzians to connect with different peers & professional fitness trainers.

What Makes Menzy Unique?